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Peter Huang


Jane was a very good and patient teacher, even with a group of 5 kids. She knew all the tricks that makes cross country skiing fun for them. It turned out to be a very good (and cheaper) alternative way to get them started on skiing. Also gave the rest of the grown ups very helpful tips and techniques to improve their skiing.

Taimus Werner-Gibbings


Warren was an outstanding, patient, interesting and motivating teacher. He patiently waited for us to get our stuff together and helped us work out how to get going, and then had my wife and boys - who have hardly skied and have never cross-country skied - getting through 2.5km within the 90 minutes. Not only did he teach us well and clearly but he gave us a tour, pointed out the interesting bits and pieces, clearly loving the place and the work.

The next day we did 9kms, easy-peasy. Thank you and our thanks to Warren and K7 Ski School.



Jane is a wonderful, positive and patient instructor who gave our group of 3 adult beginners a lesson in the fundamental skills for cross country skiing.


Highly recommend!

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